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Lenze Servo Inverters Get Quote. I Inverter Get Quote. In conformism with the quality principles as pre-defined by the industry, these presented inverters are highly commended and cherished throughout the country. Features: Strong made Easy to operate Durability. Industrial Inverter Get Quote. Anand, Gujarat Verified Supplier Call Ahmedabad, Gujarat Verified Supplier Call Low Voltage Inverter Get Quote. Railway Inverter Get Quote. Bengaluru, Karnataka Verified Supplier Call Mumbai, Maharashtra Verified Supplier Call Servotech Power Systems Pvt.

Take the power inverter camping and get AC power for lamps, radios or TVs. In an emergency such as a blackout, attach the power inverter to your car battery or portable battery and get power to run your appliances. Ultra-Compact Metal Housing Small and. Digital Inverter Ask Price We have uniquely established ourselves as a dependable organization, involved in manufacturing, trading and supplying a commendable array of Digital Inverters.

These digital electric inverters are manufactured using excellent quality raw material and advanced technology at our infrastructural unit. Used for supplying power,. Syspro Khadia, Ahmedabad No. Microtek Inverters Ask Price We are supplied microtek inverters , it is very low level current consumption and easy to charge battery. Hyderabad, Telangana Verified Supplier Call Sleek Inverters Ask Price Our compact designed range of sleek inverters are offered at highly competitive prices.

These reliable and durable inverters are ideally suited for residential and commercial electronic appliances. Clients can avail these fully automatic inverters in varied specifications as per their requirements and demands. Some of the. Pune, Maharashtra Verified Supplier Call Power Inverters Ask Price Specification Please Refer to Pdf Attached: Owing to the years of industrial experience, we are engaged in offering quality approved range of Inverters that are manufactured using best raw materials. These inverters are available in various specification and capacity.

Long power backup batteries are used to manufacture them. Mohali, Punjab Verified Supplier Call The battery fits almost all the inverters well and is designed in a way to handle long power cuts. This will ensure that you and your kids both study and sleep well when there is a regular evening power cut issues. It is also completely fume and leak resistant. It has special spark arrestor fitted in the float to trap the fumes and acid when in operation. Thus it ensures the top of the battery is always clean without any leakage spills.

For easy handling special moulded handles are present on both sides. You also get a 36 months warranty with this. The service centre of exide is in almost all the rural areas so in case of unforeseen problems you can get it is resolved in a days time. Overall, a decent quality product to help you from regular power cuts. Exide batteries are known for its decent quality and performance in India.

If you are a small family who get troubled by evening power cuts go for this one. Luminous is yet another name in the Indian market when it comes best inverter batteries in India. These batteries are especially designed for Indian homes to give long hoursof electricity in those tough power cut hours. The Luminous red charge AH are tall tubular batteries having a unique patented alloy composition.

This kind of composition protects the battery from corrosion increasing its life. It has good ventilated uniform grain structure to ensure high-quality performance at all times. Further, it also has an improved balanced plate design to withstand voltage fluctuation and protect against water and electrolyte loss.

It is leakproof, heat resistant, and is made for the extremes of Indian weather conditions. Lastly, it requires zero maintenance you need not to fill water often.

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But we suggest you fill water once in a month, especially in summer seasons. Luminous inverter batteries uses advanced technology to give you high performance and to increase its life span. This one is another best inverter batteries in India.

Best Inverters in India 12222 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Luminous ILTT is ideal for frequent power cuts. The battery has a balanced plate design for improved charge acceptance and excellent deep discharge which in turns gives it a faster recovery after long power cuts. Further, the internal partition connection in it ensures for the lowest internal resistance and excellent charge acceptance. The company gives a warranty of 48 months which is more than its competitors. On the whole, an excellent battery for people living in rural areas and facing frequent power cuts.

Exide inverter battery uses an hybrid alloy system to withstand varying weather conditions in India. To make it more powerful, it is equipped with ribbed free polyethylene layered with textured glass mat. It has a magic eye feature that will tell you about how much the battery is charged. In addition to this, it features an anti-fume vent design, ,leakage Free Surface, and Micro-porous filter Disc. It also has a float guide to indicate the electrolyte level and guide you in case of water requirement.

You wont face any kind of surface leakages or fume issue, the top would always be neat and clean. It also has side ventilation design with fitted micro porous filter disc to avoid over heating of the battery. On the whole, it is a decently priced inverted battery with standard features and performance. Today the Indian market has a lot of inverter batteries, each is different from one another. So, to select the best inverter battery becomes more tidious.

Nevertheless, if you know the basic considerations of an inverter battery the task of selection can be a bit easier. Down below are a few considerations that will help you sort out the best invert battery for your home. They are also known as flooded lead-acid batteries. They are also known as lead acid batteries. Further, they are longer than wet batteries. It is the actual size of the battery. You will get a user manual as well as a warranty card with this product with a warranty of 2 years. Three other special features may be mentioned for this UPS including a special power output capability of Watts and a smart and lightweight design that makes it incredibly useful and handy to use for various household computer-related tasks.

Along with this, you will also get the presence of a special three pin plug hole which facilitates the user to plug in their desktops and laptops to get the required power support whenever a power cut occurs. The battery backup time for this inverter is somewhere between hours and it takes up a recharging time of around 10 hours. Like other inverters in this list, this model is time tested and is a smart choice for any potential buyer. The third product on this list comes from another one of the giants in the industry of inverter manufacturing which has been a favorite of many consumers and continues to grow more popular as a brand with every passing day.

This modern inverter variant has been very popular in many Indian households both for its stylish design and highly efficient performance levels delivered on a consistent basis. The inverter works on a single battery system of 12V and is known to be very efficient at power conservation. It runs based upon sophisticated and ultra modern hybrid technology that is fundamental to its superior performance levels as well as noiseless operations.

Along with this, it is also equipped with IBGM technology is used for remarkably increasing its battery life. The product also has a safeguard in the form of a bypass switch for situations where the UPS fails, the electricity will be adequately bypassed according to requirements. You will be able to charge the inverter easily with the help of a basic ah battery so that you can use it as soon as t is fully charged. It has also been reported to be working rather well on a ah battery system and is, therefore, a very adaptable and flexible inverter that can be used for a wide variety of home appliances.

It is therefore perhaps no surprise to see this product being touted as one of the best inverters in India. The fourth product on this list is merely a continuation of the high standards that have been set with the products listed before.

Avail Jaw Dropping Deals & Best Rates on Inverter & UPS

Ad one of the most highly sought after and trusted brands in the market, Luminous has made impressive forays into the inverter industry and has ended up creating multiple high quality and efficient inverters that do not put a major dent in your pocket. It also gives you 3 different kinds of safeguards in regards to protection consisting of Deep Discharge, Overload, Short circuit.

The inverter gives you a warranty of 2 months or 2 years which is impressive at this price range comes in at a combined weight of around 9. Furthermore, it is built with advanced PCB programming as well as supplemented by microprocessor and FSW transformer, which makes it one of the most highly efficient inverters in the market. The great thing about this inverter is that it is very much capable of taking a high amount of load but more impressively at a lower rate of power consumption.

It is also popular for supporting 3-stage smart charging to ensure safe and efficient charging and longer battery life. The latest addition on this list is another highly regarded inverter from luminous that has been extremely well received across the length and breadth of the market in India. It is quite obvious that this inverter ticks all the essential boxes regarding the performance expectations of a solid inverter as a backup for running of all kinds of domestic appliances. This inverter gives you many perks including additional protection during usage in the form of an externally equipped MCB.

This ensures that the user is always protected against faults, short-circuits which may occur due to sudden power surges or in cases of accidental improper use of the device itself. Moreover, it also gives you the added benefits of In-built Alarm Management which is vital and is used for giving the used timely warnings in the event of a short-circuit, wrong wiring, battery overcharge, overload, and low battery. These two safeguards are further supplemented by a bypass switch which may be used to ensure direct power supply from mains to the household in case of any fault in the system.

At the same time, it also allows for power supply directly without the need for any wiring change. As far as unique features go, this model has quite a few of them in store. One of the most impressive is the dual mode operations feature which gives you the option of operating the device in both UPS and Eco mode. The UPS output mode is very well suited for maintaining the voltage between a range of V to V and thereby keeping sensitive appliances such as computers safe and secure. In the Eco mode, on the other hand, the voltage range is extended, thereby reducing the usage of the battery.

The Pure sine wave output acts as the icing on the cake for this inverter as it essentially makes it sound free. It is easy to see why this model has been considered by some as the best inverter in India currently. As mentioned earlier as well, Microtek has become a major player in the field of most sought of after inverters in India.

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It is also very popular for being equipped with the impressive hybrid technology that ensures the consistent output of noiseless performance and better user experience. Like other models from Microtek, this one is also provided with the IBGM technology that is fundamental to the extended battery life enjoyed by this device. You also have the added safeguard of the bypass switch which you can flick on anytime there is a failure of any kind and the electricity will be immediately bypassed. According to our reports and consumer reviews, this inverter is known for giving standard backup of around 1 hour for watts.

Having a combined weight of around You will be able to satisfy the power requirements of all major types of domestic appliances using this inverter and it is well known for managing your electricity bill very well. Considering all of the features mentioned above and also judging from a wide range of consumer reviews and expert views on this product, we have come to the conclusion that it is one of the best overall inverters available in the current market and definitely merits a purchase from potential buyers across the country.

As the list is nearing its end, we have another inverter from Luminous at spot number 8 on this list. The Luminous Rapid Charge is a relative newcomer to the scene but has already made some significant forays into the market largely thanks to its consistency of performance and affordable pricing mechanism. Among some of the standout features that separate it from others in the market is its Rbc technology which gives the user the prospect of 60 percent faster charging thus dramatically reducing overall charging time required.

It is also equipped with the convenience of twin output sockets for the regular load as well as power load enabled by intelligent output load optimization feature with a priority to regular load. Another much talked about feature of this model is that it charges its battery with full current even in a situation where the mains voltage is somewhere as low as 95b volts.

Top Ten Solar Inverters in India that You Should Choose for Home

The user will also get a comprehensive 2-year warranty with the Luminous Rapid Charge Additionally, with an operating voltage of around volts and overall power amounting to somewhere around watts, this inverter is more than capable of taking care of you during power cuts including the ability to run heavy power loads such as steam iron, heater, immersion road, rice cooker and a host of other devices.

Considering all of these arguments, it is our firm belief that this inverter deserves the popularity it is receiving and most assuredly is worthy of your hard earned money. Exide as a brand requires no separate introduction to the Indian consumer. It has been a well-known brand in terms of energy service for many years and Exide Va Pure Sinewave Home Ups Inverter is a continuation of the long line of impressive products from Exide.

This model gives you assured protection of the highest quality built up in the PCB. The crowning feature of this device is that it is equipped with the technology of LCD display which dramatically improves the prospects for better user Interface and displaying State of Battery Voltage and Charge. The Digital Signal Processor based pure sinewave UPS is also equipped with a high-speed microprocessor which gives grid quality power that is the same as mains. It is responsible for automatically sensing the battery condition and adjusting the charging current accordingly.

This helps in increasing the battery life of the device while also minimizing water topping.