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I would tell them before they buy to please check out the Jeep because of pricing and safety of the vehicle. One of the big problems I do have with a new Jeep: I have the Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland and the two front doors do not lock in place when you open them up. They have a tendency of closing back on top of you most cars at doors have two positions to lock but on this Jeep the two positions that are supposed to lock is very weak and even a little wind can blow the door on top of you.

Aug 14, The Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland has not disappointed. This is a car I've wanted for a while, and the Overland trim level has more than one could ask for, and is equivalent to any "usual" luxury brand you could name. The big difference between Jeep and the luxury brands , I think, is the engineering and capability. There are some luxury models with similar capabilities, but they are no nicer and a lot more expensive.

Updated on Sep 12, Updated on Dec 12, The air lift suspension vehicles should automatically come with running boards, entry is difficult for my handicapped husband, and some days is a stretch for me. The auto brake system , isn't good when backing up from a steep incline, it keeps thinking I'm going to bump into the road!

It does have a few issues, and an exhaust leak has already occurred something was loose , a panel may have a broken clip, dealer will look into it. You need to make more cars that span the generations. Updated on Sep 26, My current vehicle is the second in less than a year. The first GC was totaled in a car accident, where the damage looked minimal but was too expensive to repair. The second vehicle is a replacement I upgraded to for more safety features.

The safety features I really thought I was getting wasn't exactly what I got.

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It's great to have the vehicle slow down when something comes in front but it sucks that it only works on the highway with cruise control activated For my Jeep tp be totaled from what looks like a minor accident to me shows that cars today are made to be thrown away. All the gadgets and technology in the vehicles aren't built to last, and are only there as a distraction to add cost to the vehicles.

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It's really sad that people are expected to buy or change every yrs. Dec 10, There are a few rattling noises from the interior roof sounds like it's coming from rear end of the moonroof as well as the doors that happen nearly every time I drive. Oct 20, Love the Summit model overall, but quite surprised that the Bright Pedal Kit and Wheel Locks are not standard equipment on the model, as they are on many, much less expensive vehicles e. Oct 24, Love the vehicle and with the exception of the slightly high price, average fuel economy , and a few rattles would highly recommend this vehicle to others.

Need to address the rattles which in a car of this price range and reputation should not be present. Apr 6, The metal flippers on the stearing wheel hide the windshield wipers There are too many blind spots for driving with the mirrors. Those items, plus the design in the back making it difficult to get and keep clean need to be fixed.


The interior design and set up is great! The outside design and grill is beautiful except the back roof.

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  6. Jan 4, New vehicle exactly matches our needs. There are only a few things we don't like about the vehicle: 1. It delays response and seems to be a potential safety hazard in certain situations. Do not like that there is minimal clearance for tire chains. Do not like that the roof rack is so short.

    Do not like that the large front roof support pillars obstruct vision. Nov 21, I come from a military background. I like the idea of driving a JEEP. I am a hospice nurse and spend a lot of time on the road traveling between clients in many types of road conditions and on some roads that barely qualify as such. I feel secure that I can reach my clients with the off road features my JEEP, and the navigation is awesome. It allows me to use Siri if I want to or go with the onboard. I have to carry a pretty hefty inventory of patient care items wherever I go and the cargo area allows that but I do at times forget that there isn't much room for groceries in the cargo area So I use the back seats!

    The sound system is awesome! If I am on the road for hours daily, I need that traveling music or podcasts. Handsfree takes some getting used to but I am able to make work calls while traveling with relative ease.

    Top Critical Review

    I really love this vehicle! And the fact that my patients know it is me when I pull up to their homes just by the car. Nov 19, Updated on Dec 11, I purchased the Jeep Grand Cherokee, Overland edition because it has the looks and options that I want in a vehicle.

    It has the size that I am comfortable with and loads of power without being too pricey at the gas pump. I have been a Jeep owner since and proud of it. We are still getting used to the larger A pillar on the side of the front windshield. We had the model before and the visibility seemed better. We originally were looking at the Anniversary edition but did not like the military look.

    Jeep Grand Cherokee - Discounts less than $8K WON'T Cut it!

    We choose the Overland edition because of the premium features including the rain sensing windshield , fold in mirrors among other items. Jun 20, I can't play any of my CD's in my brand new vehicle - why? Also, on my Jeep, I could use my fingernails on the touch screen.

    On my new vehicle, I can't do that.

    Low Lease Payments | Car Dealership in Ocean Township, NJ | The Jeep Store

    I have long nails - it is much more difficult to change radio stations , use temp controls, etc with pad of my finger because nails get in the way and I Do not have obnoxious "claws", just long pretty nails. Jan 22, This is the second Grand Cherokee in our family. It was without problems from delivery. Our newest Grand Cherokee V-6, does not have side door protection, has numerous rattles , and generally does not have the sense of quality of the earlier model.

    Even though the rearview camera and GPS system are much better than its earlier model. Dec 14, Nice vehicle. Handles well. May 3, It's comfortable , fun to drive, smooth to drive, great technology , I feel safe , and its great for long trips or hauling large items. I absolutely love the Jeep brand. I have been loyal for my past 2 cars to Jeep and will continue as long as you continually modernize the vehicle and adjust the shape so that I don't get bored. Updated on Oct 22, Don't buy one until they've do away with the start stop engine Give me the option of turning off the engine start stop system.

    Remove the start stop engine system on your cars or the next car that I buy will not be a Jeep grand Cherokee. Aug 22, Please the only thing that all your vehicles lack is a proper holder for the phone that makes it visible when being used as a navigation aid! Would be a whole lot safer then looking down at it or holding it in one hand Very surprised this is not happened yet given you can buy the device to pop on window or such. Why not have a pop out compartment for it?

    Browse Our Current Jeep® Grand Cherokee Best Lease Offers in Westchester NY

    Dec 17, It is a fun vehicle that handles well. I expected a little less play with it in the snow, but am used to the Durango and its handling. The tires seem to grab the grooves in the road a little more than I like which tends to make it sway. Excellent Customer Service, patient, and listened to all my needs. Nov 18, My bright lights failed to come on twice while driving at night.

    Service dept. Tail gate button to close tailgate doesn't always work but will work if I use key button.. Jan 5, I ran out of gas on an exit ramp yesterday. My former car, Tahoe, had a very obvious alert for low gas mileage. The Jeep Cherokee Summit does not! I had no clue that I was low on gas as I had always relied on my Tahoe to alert me. I could have been killed as cars were zooming past me.

    Thank goodness there weren't any distracted drivers. Dec 11, We leased the trail-rated JGKL. Standard in the palate are the Goodyear Kevlar tires. Look for this link on your favorites: Save. We look forward to the opportunity to earn your business! Lease Offers June View Inventory Get This Deal. Vehicle Finder Service Too busy to browse? Search By Keyword. Choose How To Share:. Ron Lewis Ford Beaver Falls Ron Lewis Kia Beaver Falls Ron Lewis Pre-Owned Cranberry Ron Lewis Alfa Romeo Get This Deal If you like a new or used vehicle shown on our site and would like to see how it handles, schedule a test drive below.